Vincent Gouley

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After starting his career as a financial analyst at Oddo, Vincent went on to head investor relations and financing, first at Wanadoo then at PagesJaunes Groupe. Vincent has created an innovative business intelligence solution, Watchowah, intended for investor relation professionals.

Born in 1972, Vincent graduated from the University of Toulouse and has a Masters in Finance from the Business School of Lyons. Vincent is a member of the Investor Relations Society (IRS) in the UK.

Patrick Massoni

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From 2007 to 2012, Patrick Massoni was the Head of Financial Communication & Investor Relations of POWEO, the French alternative energy operator. He was notably in charge of setting up the whole function, developing the analyst coverage and supporting the Group during its various rights issue as well as changes in ownership.

Born in 1967, Patrick graduated from Sciences Po Paris, Economics & Finance section.

Patrick Laurière

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Patrick has joined Watchowah in October 2013 with the mission to develop the business with Companies listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Patrick has a long experience in the financial services field, primarily in Paris and London, and has Equity sales and regulatory experience in a variety of international markets.

Patrick a business degree from Institut Supérieur de Gestion in Paris, and while in London, was an SFA Registered General Representative.

Daniele Turani

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Daniele has joined Watchowah in September 2013 as Senior Investor Relations Advisor.

From 2006 to 2011 Daniele worked as an advisor at InvestorSight, a consulting firm based in Paris focused on Investor Relations and Corporate Governance issues.

Born in 1977, Daniele holds a degree in Public Relations at IULM University of Milan and a Master’s Degree in Investor Relations and Financial Analysis at SDA Bocconi. He’s a graduated member of both French and Italian investment analyst societies,  SFAF and AIAF.

Charles Atherton

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A career launched in the City of London, Charles was at the centre of the issues and mergers market working with and alongside the City’s leading merchant (investment) banks producing the shareholder communication documents as well as some 400 annual reports.

Relocating to Paris in 1981 he created a financial advertising agency matching initially the capital markets needs of the French and international banks and developing image and financial product advertising.

Investor relations became a speciality and he was elected to America’s National Investor Relations Institute in 1988. He currently advises many Nordic companies on reaching their French investors and is handling European marketing for Watchowah.