Adjust on a real-time basis your strategic messages to the financial community:

  • Capture the market sentiment quickly and easily

  • Analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your equity story on a real-time basis
  • Measure the effectiveness of your investor relations marketing efforts

Consensus Monitoring

Monitor your consensus efficiently throughout the year:

  • Select relevant criteria in line with your segment reporting
  • Manage qualified consensus figures
  • Compare your consensus with your peer group


Engage with the right investors at any time:

  • Monitor institutional shareholders’ performance
  • Enhance your targeting capabilities
  • Increase the control over your corporate access program

Fully exploit all information available

Our solution allows investor relations professionals to make the most of broker research, sector research, roadshow feedback and shareholder identification.

Extract relevant decision indicators

Our solution consists of a platform which enables the calculation in real time of indicators based on performance and the perception of financial analysts and institutional investors.

Share with your management and board of Directors

Our solution is a unique combination of a cloud-based application and delivery of customized quarterly or monthly investor relations report intended to your management and board of Directors.