24 June 2014

Watchowah, marketing research company for the financial communication, and Syllabs, French specialist in the semantic analysis of Big Data, are launching their semantic analysis tool dedicated to financial marketing (read more)

2 June 2014

Watchowah releases a new version of its dynamic perception app with enhanced graphic features to help IR professionals to design powerful IR presentations for their management

7 April 2014

Watchowah takes its first steps in Finland and introduces its perception solution to major listed companies

14 January 2014

Watchowah launches a new offer to monitor real time market sentiment by immediately measuring the impact of corporate releases on analysts and investors

15 October 2013

Watchowah establishes a commercial presence in Italy and in the United Kingdom

13 June 2013

Watchowah and Syllabs launch a beta version of their semantic analysis software (read more)

22 May 2013

Watchowah receives the Financial backing of Oseo (read more)

25 January 2013

Watchowah has been awarded the Financial Innovation label (read more)