From financial communication to financial marketing

Watchowah is a marketing research company specialised in financial markets and investor relations with a European presence. The company has been created in 2011 by former investor relations officers. Its team has an extensive experience in investor relations, sell-side research and equity sales.

A wealth of information, but poorly exploited

Investor relations occupy an increasingly important place in your company’s strategy, but the tools available to you have not really developed over the last few years. Despite a mass of information, your knowledge of your target investors and financial analysts is limited to a few indicators that are poor predictors of behavior.

Our solution, awarded the Finance Innovation label by the French Finance Innovation Global Business and Research Cluster, transforms multiple sources of data available to IRs (broker reports, shareholder identification studies, etc.) into decision indicators, enabling listed companies to improve their financial marketing and to optimize their resources.

A way to rethink stockmarket perception studies

Systematic analysis of listed companies’ perception by the financial community remains underdeveloped. Our solution provides a cost-effective way to monitor the issuer’s market perception through the editorial content of brokerage research notes and press articles (so called Soft Information).

A systematic and relevant analysis of these contents helps investor relations professionals to understand share price evolutions, have a better understanding of the drivers of their valuation, a clear view on how their perception compares with its peers and to adjust pro-actively messages delivered to the financial community.

60 to 70 percent of share price formation comes from soft information

Broker research is the 1st external source of information for investors

An effective IR program can create a medium premium of 10 percent to valuation